ElderCare Edmonton is a non-profit organization committed to providing services to adults with physical, emotional, and/or physical limitations that are living in the community and will benefit from a wellness based day program.

Our day programs use a client-centered approach and offers therapeutic recreation combined with an opportunity for socialization and community access for those who attend. It is important to consider all aspects of a person and we want to make sure each and every client is benefitting from the program in some way; whether it is their physical, cognitive, social, and/or emotional health.

We strive to provide programs that help maintain an individual's independence for as long as possible and improve  their quality of life. Our day programs also provide respite and ongoing support for caregivers. We are celebrating 37 years of helping Edmonton seniors and their caregivers! We invite you to Contact Us to access ElderCare services.


Our Mission, Vision & Values!

Our mission
is to strengthen client independence & quality of life, to support caregivers and support community inclusion and engagement.

Our vision allows seniors to have the quality of life that they desire in the community.

Our values include teamwork, caring & empathy, integrity, fun and individual worth.