December 9, 2017

Whether you are living with the disease, a caregiver, a healthcare provider, or even just interested in the issue - your input is needed!
The Canadian Dementia Priority Partnership is conducting a study to identify the top 10 Canadian dementia research priorities.

Delirium is an acute medical condition that develops when vulnerable patients (especially those with dementia) are overwhelmed by additional stressors. Delirium occurs in up to 20 per cent of acute care patients over the age 65, more than 60 per cent of residents in continuing care, and up to 83 per cent of all patients at end of life, and accounts for 49 per cent of hospital days.

Apraxia is a breakdown in the ability to translate a verbal command into it's motor expression.
For example: giving directions to a person to eat their soup with the spoon... can be confusing,but when the spoon is put in the person's becomes very natural to eat with the spoon.

Agnosia is a breakdown in a person's ability to associate an object with it's meaning, to recognize objects, people and him/or her self. 

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