October 14, 2017

Support Caregiver Meetings

"The Caregiver's journey is easier when shared with others."

ElderCare Edmonton, Caregiver Support Program, provides multiple support options to caregivers of seniors who have barriers to community participation. All supports are focused on empowering caregivers, reducing social isolation and reducing the stress which can lead to burnout, health risks and conerns and feeling overwhelmed.

If You Want Assistance to:

• Locate and access resources

• Navigate the healthcare system

• Complete neccessary forms

• Access financial assistance

• Obtain respite services

We Can Help! Eldercare offers weekly facilitated caregiver support groups: Our caregiver support groups offer caregivers a supportive place to address the challenges of caring for a family member or friend. The Caregiver Support Group is a place to share common experiences with other caregivers to gain solutions, coping strategies, new skills, self care and help in navigating the many systems in the care journey. Caring for an aging loved one can often feel overwhelming. At Eldercare, we offer support for families caring for a senior with emotional, cognitive, and/or physical limitations within the community. The Caregiver Support Program offers a supportive place to address the challenges of caregiving.

Please call us at 780-434-4747 ext 101 or 780-444-CARE for more information or email social.worker@eldercareedmonton.ca

There is no cost to our services!

Upcoming Caregiver Support Meetings:  JUNE 2017 June 7, June 14, June 20, June 28 JULY 2017 July 4, July 12, July 18, July 26. Meetings are held in the Theatre Room on the 3rd floor and run from 1:30pm to 3:30pm



Please call or e-mail our Caregiver Support Manager if you wish to attend.

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